8420 Zirc, Szabadság u. 10.

The Collection features unique, European and Hungarian museum pieces of agricultural machinery and tools used from the 19th century.

The collection was established in the school year 1974/1975. Since then, its processing is ongoing, as the machines, work tools and other objects require continuous restoration and maintenance , which is performed by students and skilled workers under the leadership of vocational teachers.

The collection includes several machines unique in Hungary; they are not found elsewhere:

- HSCS D model steam traction engine, year 1912
- Fried automotive charcoal engine-generator, year 1918
- Seed threshing machine HS-Wien, year 1896
- Corn shelling machine HSCS, year 1905
- Corn shelling machine C.S, year 1903
- Threshing machine H.S Wien, year 1896

Opening hours:

From 1 September to 30 June:

Mon-Fri: 8.00-14.00

Other days require prior consultation.

Entrance ticket:

The collection can be visited for free

Guided tours: on specific request

Contact information:

Zirc, Március 15 tér 1. • +36 88 593 700, +36 30 294 7499 •