What is Mary’s Way?

The Mary’s Way is a pilgrimage and tourist route network running through Central Europe. Its east-west axis runs from Mariazell in Austria to Csíksomlyó in Transylvania about 1400 km long and can be completed by foot in 60 days.

The route or its smaller sections can be performed in groups or individual, mainly by foot but even by bicycle. The route is marked by road signs and signposts, recommended accommodations are waiting for pilgrims and a pilgrimage guide with maps is also available. At the checkpoints of the route, pilgrims receive stamps and beads with unique identification. By using these beads they can make their own rosary during the performance of the entire route.


We have launched a testimonial, instructional video channel called "Pilgrim Vlog," where we showcase the beauties of the Maria Way, the treasures of the involved settlements, their living traditions, and the experiences gained along the way. Pilgrim companions and locals share their experiences, while religious figures provide thoughts to assist in the "inner journey."

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