8420 Zirc, Rákóczi tér 10.

The Reguly Antal Museum and House of Arts and Crafts, located on the main square of Zirc, was built in 1766 in a Baroque house, the ‘Dubniczay House’, as the protected monument is counted as the home of Antal Reguly. Activities of the thematic museum are structured around the work of Antal Reguly (1819-1858). In the permanent exhibition ‘Regulyversum - everything about Reguly”, visitors can learn about Antal Reguly, the research of Finno-Ugric languages and the mapping of the Ural Mountains.

The House of Craft was also established in this building complex, where the permanent exhibition ‘Workshop secret’ organised in the craft workshops offers insight into the crafts of Bakony Mountains. By pre-registration, you can have the chance to try the various crafts, such as pottery, weaving, gingerbread-making, chandlery, leather-work, coach-making, blacksmith and basketwork.

The Museum’s ethnographic and local history collection is organised in our open storeroom ‘Treasures in the attic’, where visitors can explore the local crafts and local history photo gallery and the Bér Júlia Graphic Collection. In our periodical exhibition room we organise local history, art and ethnographic exhibitions. We regularly organise family days with performances, concerts and craft classes.

The Reguly Museum Café on the ground floor of the museum welcomes guests who want to refresh themselves with a unique atmosphere. Sitting on the terrace in the inner courtyard surrounded by the iconic monument building, in the shade of the huge linden trees, drinking coffee is a real experience!

Contact information:

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