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When thinking of Bakony, the nature, a beautiful and soothing landscape comes to one’s mind. Alternation of hills and valleys, babble of pure mountain streams, song of birds, animal noises, fresh air, diverse fauna and flora ... all expect you to come and be part of this 4-season miracle of Bakony, explore its secrets and discover its treasures!

Zirc, which is referred to as the heart of Bakony or capital of Bakony, would like to share with you dear visitor its cultural and natural assets, traditions and everyday life. The site attempts to open to you the gate that arouses interest in an outing in Zirc and an adventure in the Bakony Mountains. The people living here are waiting for you with high quality services, exciting events and genuine hospitality. Don’t hesitate and hit the road today! Spread the word of Zirc and the Bakony Mountains, treasure and share your unforgettable experiences with your family and friends!

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