Actively in the Bakony

Main objective of the Bakonyfly Rescue and Research Association (Bakonyfly Mentő és Kutató Egyesület) is to actively participate in various rescue operations and expeditions. Since this work is performed in the air by helicopter, the members can enjoy the view of our beautiful Bakony Mountains while performing the helpful, responsible, yet adventurous and exciting missions. If you want to be a part of such an experience, support the association’s work and contact them via the following contact information:

Bakonyfly Rescue and Research Association

Seat: 8420 Zirc-Tündérmajor, Airport

Postal address: Bakonyfly Mentő és Kutató Egyesület H-8420 Zirc lot nr. 0176

Telephone: +36 30/931 1154 (László Sipos), +36 30/693 1411 (István Nemes)