Actively in the Bakony

Mayer lake

8420 Zirc, Mayer tó utca, GPS coordinates: N 47° 15’ 23”E 17° 51' 38"

The Mayer Lake is located about 1.5 km from the town centre. About 200 m after the railway crossing, you have to turn off the main road heading towards Nagyesztergár and after 400-500 m you will reach the beautiful valley dam lake with an area of 0.8-1 hectares. It was established in 1999 at the place of one of the fishing ponds of the monks in the 18th century around Zirc. Since then, it has been a popular fishing spot of people from Zirc and the surrounding area, who also can compete in fishing competition. Fish species: carps, bream, zander, pike, tench.

People who want to relax and have a good time visit the lake famous for its clean and peaceful environment. In summer, visitors have the opportunity for open fire cooking, while in winter the ice of the frozen lake is waiting for skating lovers.

Daily ticket for adults: 1500 HUF (two rods)
Daily ticket for youth: 750 HUF (one rod)
You can buy daily tickets on site!
The amount of fish for take home is weighed in kg!

Opening hours:
Weekends and holidays:

Contact information:
Tel: +36 88 414 030
Mobile phone: +36 30 993 8651
E-mail: (source)

Szarvas lake

8420 Aklipuszta, GPS Coordinates: N 47° 13’ 42.64”E 17° 50' 4.81"

Arriving in Zirc, heading towards Bakonybél, you can find our lake 2 km from the city at the city limit of Aklipuszta. The lake was opened on 1 May 2001 at the site of the former monk lake. This is the first lake in Hungary which was established by a fishing club. Our club was founded on 4th December 1994. Number of members: 354 adults and 18 children angler.

Our lake is a valley-dammed reservoir that gradually deepens to the dam. It is 3.5 m deep at the dam and 1 m deep at the inlet. The total area of the fish lake is 9.6 hectares and the water area is 3.8 hectares. Cooking and camping are allowed here.

Fish: pike, asp, zander, bream, carps.

In the lake there is a significant amount of large carp, some of which can exceed 14 kg.

There is a fenced parking lot on site. We also organise fishing competitions.

We welcome every angler looking forward to relax, their family members and nature lovers.

Daily ticket for adults: 3500 HUF (two rods)
Daily ticket for youth: 1600 HUF (one rod)
Sports ticket: 1500 HUF (two rods, mattress, disinfectant)
24-hour ticket: 4500 HUF (fish for take home: two noble fish, 3 kg other).
24-hour sports ticket: 3500 HUF (two rods, mattress, disinfectant)
The ticket is valof for 24 hours after its purchase! Can be purchased from 1 May, from Friday opening until Saturday 19 pm.
You can buy daily tickets on site!

Opening hours:
From 1 May to 31 August
every day: 6.00-20.00

Contact information:
Sport Fishing Club of Zirc
8420 Zirc, Fáy András u. 5.
Tel: +36 30 586 8894
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