Bakony Highwaymen’s Days

Year after year the ‘Street of Crafts and Bakonyi Tastes’ opens its doors and riders, outlaws, local inn beautiful women, music, singing, whips, and cheerfulness fills the heart of the Bakony again.

The event begins with the ‘Bakony Outlaws Kettle Challenge’, as a real outlaw and local inn beautiful woman don’t set out to the long and eventful outlaw day with an empty stomach.

Outstanding stage productions await the audience: rhythm of beating boots and swirling skirts of folk-dance groups, popular bands and artists of folk music and pop music, dashing performances of talented young people and the ‘Stars among outlaws’ represent themselves on the stage.

Young children and adults alike can actively take part in the outlaw day: the ‘Outlaw class’, music and game programmes, playground, craft park and play park await the children. Traditional outlaw groups prepare themselves with authentic recollection of outlaws and with performances for the evening.

One of the most spectacular elements of Saturday’s programmes is the horse, chariot and outlaw parade crossing the main road 82 accompanied by whip cracking and music. On the equestrian festival of the outlaws day, contest of beginner and advanced riders and chariot racing await the visitors,

Meanwhile with the "Go Outlaws!" motto the sport competitions also enrich the programmes: Bakony Outlaw Cup football tournament, open shooting competition, Old Boys football match and ‘With bundle towards the goal’ penalty kick competition.

Each year, we introduce new Bakony outlaws any local inn beautiful women, award the owner of the most perky moustache and an outlaw party closes the event both nights.

Every year, we fill the imaginary outlaw bundle with meaningful hours and provide fun for young and old, as there is no shortage of great atmosphere and general amusement at the event. Everybody is welcome!

Venue: Event area in Alkotmány street, Zirc

More information:
Békefi Antal Library, Community Centre and Studio KB
Zirc, József Attila u. 1.

+36 88 593 810, +36 30 501 4870