Mining day

Mining day is a celebration and recognition of mining and the work of miners and is revival of tradition. Mining, which secured a livelihood for people living in the town and in its neighbourhood, has a significant historical, cultural and economic past. In the past, it defined the culture, social conditions, economic life and the formation of educational institutions of Zirc and promoted the mining industry.

Almost every family had or still have bonds to the mine, be it a coal or a bauxite mine. The forced closure of the mines brings back bad memories by many. The appreciation and recollection of this difficult and dangerous profession is forgotten and faded, although the offspring should also be aware of the past in order to keep it living in the memory of Zirc citizens. It is important to return the feeling of pride to the living miners.

With the annual event realized by the cooperation of the still existing mines, the mining associations and private individuals, we want to achieve the renewed strength and value of the mining day. In the morning, a brass band wakes up the locals at the town’s junction. In the afternoon, a commemoration and wreath laying ceremony takes place at the mining monument of the Pintér Hill Forest Park and then various entertainment programmes await the visitors.

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