MT. Pintér forest park and educational trail

Natural assets

8420 Zirc, Deák Ferenc u.

It is located north-west of the town Zirc, on the northern side of the road between Zirc and Porva. You can stand in the car park at the entrance of the forest park. The area has beautiful middle-aged and old oak-hornbeam and beech forests with good growth. The number of visitors of the Forest Park established in 2005 has significantly increased in recent years.

In its territory, a 5 km long educational path presents the geology (including the former quarry of the so-called Zirc marble) and flora and fauna of the area. The 700 m long Forestry Demonstration Path presents the work processes related to the forest. There are several resting places, fire pits and rain shelters n its territory. Here you can find the high-quality water Rejuvenating Spring (Fiatalító-forrás). In the quarry courtyard at the city limit of the Forest Park, lime burner, charcoal burner and mining display was established and playground is waiting for families with children. The Forest Park is a good venue for forest schools and other environmental educational programmes. The name of Pintér Hill carries the craft cooper (‘pintér-kádár’), because its oak forest provided wood for the production of wine barrels.

The Forest Park and the Educational Trail can be visited freely on the marked trails all year round.

Contact information:


8200 Veszprém, Jutasi út 10.

Tel: +36 88 591 510