Március 15. tér - Béla Domonkos: Bust of Count István Széchenyi (1995)

Köztársaság u. 9. - József Rátonyi: Bust of King Béla III in the Courtyard of the Béla III Grammar School (1982)

Március 15. tér - In memory of the heroes and martyrs of the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-49 (2012)

Rákóczi tér - National Flag

In 1937 due to the cooperation of the town’s social associations and inhabitants, the monument made for raising the National Flag became the town’ symbol reminding of historic events.

Március 15. tér - Lajos Cséri: Bust of Lajos Kossuth (1998)

Kossuth u. - Monument of World War I-II

The monument of the World War I was made by Jenő Martinelli in 1925, together with the cast iron signs with the names of the dead. In 1992, the monument was restored by the Mayor’s Office and became the name Monument of the Dead of World War I-II.

Rákóczi tér - Ödön Bányai: Bust of Antal Reguly (1943)

Damjanich u. - Statue of Andrew I in the Arboretum

Kossuth u. - Mózes Dávid: In memory of our peasant ancestors peasant couple of wood (2016)

József A. u. (Hospital) - Lenke R. Kiss: Statue of a standing woman

The statue with the shrub represents the constant revival of Bakony, the joy of mothers, young people and children and the beauty of life. It was set up in the summer of 1969 on the Béke square and was placed in the hospital’s courtyard after the regme change.

Rákóczi tér- Bust of Francis II Rákóczi

Rákóczi tér - 0 km stone pillar

The pillar was carved by the old stone carver, Ferenc Szemmelveisz. Inscription: 0 km, Magyar Kirándulók Országos Szövetsége (0 km, Hungarian Rambler’s Association). The hiking trails of Bakony start at the zero km stone.

Barátság Park - Székely Gate

The Székely Gate was gifted to Zirc by our sister city Barót in August 2002.

Alkotmány utca - Woman sitting on an antique chapiter

Köztársaság u. - Statue of Saint Emeric of Hungary

The statue stands on the remaining compound pier which was built together with the monastery by Béla III of Hungary after the foundation of Zirc in 1182. The statue was placed on the pier on 17 November 1749. In addition to the statue of Saint Emeric of Hungary, the compound pier is ornamented with four small Baroque angels. The angel sitting on the northern springer holds a shield with Latin inscription on it summarizing the history of Zirc. The statue shows the prince with crown on his head, with the lily of purity in his hand and with a cloak.

Rákóczi tér - István Fekete monument

It was established by the Zirci National Flag Foundation with the support of the National Cooperation Fund and the Zirc City Community in 2018.

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