Hiking with mountaincart

The Mountaincart is the new equipment that makes hiking an even bigger, unforgettable experience. During a tour, we can take the device with us with a special strap, so that our hands remain free. With the help of the robust but lightweight aluminium structure and the smooth wheels, we can get to the top of the hill, and then we can experience the rush it gives and collect experiences in a valley.

The Mountaincart is a newly developed, fun equipment that allows you to enjoy the experience of sledging all year round, it doesn’t matter whether there is snow or not. The ergonomic seat design allows us to focus only on enjoying the ride.

The mountaincart is a high quality and custom-designed ultra-safe, enjoyable new device even in European standards. The latest craze, which can be used from the age of 12 (over 135 cm) to the age of 99, holds unique surprises for all ages. Under the age of 12, parents can bring their children on their lap.

Three wheels, racing, there is only a brake and no pedals, all the way down a slope. The brakes don’t work at the same time, but we can use the left and the right separately, so the repository of drifting has inexhaustible possibilities for us.

The mountaincart is a completely GREEN vehicle, environmentally friendly: not motorized, no CO2 emissions. It has minimal sound pollution, with its wide wheels on the field it means it is a minimal burden to the road (much less than a bike!).

Who do we recommend it for?

- For those who want more than a simple hike
- For those who like an active lifestyle
- For families with small children
- For class trips
- For groups of friends
- For team-building training
- Regardless of age for everyone!


Every day of week, but check in is required:

3000,- Ft/ mountaincart / 3 hours




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