The tradition of abbey brewing dates back to 1735.

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A few words about our Manufactory:

The tradition of abbey brewing dates back to 1735, a heritage we revived with modern tools in 2015. It's the combination of tradition and innovation that makes us unique in the market. In an authentic environment, the real abbey beer is born by blending manual labor with the latest digital technology.

You can taste our beers at our Beer House (https://turizmus.zirc.hu/services/gastronomy/8933-apatsagi-sorhaz-1735) and also take them home bottled.

We also guide our dear visitors through the mysteries of beer brewing. You have the opportunity to visit and taste beer at our Manufactory. You can find more details about this on our website: https://zircimanufaktura.hu/

Our current offerings:

PROMUS (Alcohol content: 4.8% (V/V) Bottom-fermented, filtered, light beer

Single-hopped - single-malt, true helles-style beer. Made from a premium pils malt and Saaz hops. Our goal was to showcase the versatile flavor and aroma of Saaz hops. Malt-forward, subtly bitter, allowing the spicy-earthly, herbal aromas to flourish. Its more pronounced carbonation also serves the freshness of the beer.

WHEAT (Alcohol content: 5.3% (V/V) Unfiltered wheat beer

The Zirc Abbey Wheat is an extraordinary light, unfiltered wheat beer. Brewed with a high proportion of wheat malt, which is evident in both its taste and aroma. Primarily floral, refreshing scents accompany the sweet-sour character of wheat. In taste, restrained bitterness is paired with floral-citrus fruity notes that dominate the aroma.

LAVENDER (Alcohol content: 5.3% (V/V) Light, unfiltered wheat beer infused with lavender and orange peel

The Zirc Abbey Lavender is a celebration of tradition and innovation. With a unique wheat yeast and replacing coriander with lavender, a new, harmonious taste profile was created. The Lavender wheat beer is a cross-section of late summer and early autumn.

DUBBEL (Alcohol content: 6.5% (V/V) Unfiltered, semi-brown Abbey beer

Fragrant, specially hopped Belgian-style semi-brown Ale. The Zirc Abbey Dubbel is a curiosity in every way! Authentically brewed from Belgian-style Ale using authentic ingredients, further enhanced by the brewing process carried out in a sacred place. A semi-brown, amber-hued nectar with primarily dried fruit aromas in its scent. In taste, it is rich, characterful, showcasing fruity characters, with a harmonious bitterness at the end.

TRIPEL (Alcohol content: 7.8% (V/V) Unfiltered, top-fermented light beer

A true Abbey Tripel. A higher alcohol content beer with noticeable body, yet a drier and more carbonated mouthfeel, enhanced by the use of oatmeal. The maltiness and yeast-derived white raisin and vanilla, along with the typical Belgian beer flavors, are nicely balanced, with the hops' pleasant, albeit more subdued bitterness, as well as the citrus, cedar, and green tea notes.

HÚSZ23 (Alcohol content: 5.00% (V/V) Filtered Light Belgian Ale

In 2023, Veszprém was the European Capital of Culture. The Zirc Abbey Manufactory Kft. had the opportunity to produce the official beer of the event.

A top-fermented beer fermented with Belgian yeast. In addition to Pilsen malt, we also add Munich, Caraamber, and Carapils malt. Two types of hops are added, Cascade, which gives the beer a citrusy flavor, and Citra, which, in addition to citrusy, fruity aromas, also adds some elderflower flavors to the beer. The beer's lightness, the aromas of the hops used, form a pleasant, drinkable, flavorful, fragrant blend.

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The official beer of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture program is produced by the Zirc Abbey Manufactory.
The official beer of the EKF comes from the Zirci Abbey

Our current offerings:

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