The highest-altitude arboretum in our country.

The Arboretum established in the historic environment of the Cistercian Abbey has the style of an English garden and is the highest located – 400 metres above sea level – tree collection of Hungary. The park offers a magnificent view and a pleasant refreshing in every season. In spring the spectacular view of ornamental and perennial plants around the fish pond, in summer the thousand shades of green, the rich scent of linden trees and the splash of the Cuha Brook, in autumn the brown-yellow brilliancy of colours and in winter the snow blanket and rime on the branches mesmerise the visitors. The ‘tree garden’ – also called the English garden – with an area of 18 hectares was established probably in the second half of the 18th century. In this wonderful natural environment you can often see bugs and insects characteristic only for the fauna of the Bakony Mountain and occasionally deer and squirrels accompany the vistors on their stroll.

8420 Zirc, Damjanich u. 19.

Opening hours:

Mo: holiday

From 1 April to 30 April:
Tue-Sun: 9.00-17.00

From 1 May to 31 August:
Tue-Sun: 9.00-19.00

From 1 September to 15 November:
Tue-Sun: 9.00-17.00

From 16 November to 31 March: closed

For information about our ticket prices and programmes, please see the following contact details:

Cistercian Abbey of Zirc, Visitor Centre

You can enter the arboretum not only from the main entrance in the Damjanich Street, but also through the abbey courtyard where the checkout is closed half an hour before the actual closing time.

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Zirci Arboretum

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